Fine Choice Foods Ltd.

23111 Fraserwood Way
Richmond, BC V6V 3B3
(604) 552-3110
Company Information:
Founded in 1986, Vancouver, Fine Choice Foods Ltd. specializes in manufacturing quality Asian food products. Our belief in great food and hard work has led us to expand our business into a nationally recognized manufacturer. Our product list includes Spring rolls, Gyoza, Gow Jee, Wrappers and Sauce. We pride ourselves in producing high quality food products that are delicious and easy to prepare by our customers. We take pride in ensuring that our customer gets freshest, tastiest and highest quality food products. We are a Federally Inspected, HACCP accredited facility. We always bustle with new projects, interesting ideas, and fantastic plans. We take pride in maintaining the integrity of our flavors in our traditional Asian cooking while embracing the expanding flavors that characterize the modern dining experience.

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