Exceldor Coopérative

1000 Route Bégin,
St-Anselme, QC G0R 2N0
(418) 885-4451
Company Information:
Established in 1945, Exceldor Co-op Ltd. specializes in slaughtering, processing and marketing of fresh poultry products. With sales figure reaching 400 million dollars, we are an industry leader in the field of fresh poultry marketing. We process approximately 1.4 million chickens on a weekly basis at our plants in Saint-Anselme and Saint-Damase. Our products include Whole chicken, Chicken Breast, Chicken Drumstick, Marinated ready to cook cuts and Turkey. As an industry leader, Exceldor was the first Quebec poultry enterprise to have been certified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) for the chicken with a grain-fed diet. We are a CFIA and H.A.C.C approved facility. Our processed products are intended for various clients, including grocery stores and restaurants. We were the first company in North America to implement the unique Dutch air-chilling process instead of the water-chilling process which enhances the product's quality by eliminating water from the packaging process. Our company is headquartered in Levis (QC), and employs over 900 people. We co-own two other poultry companies: Unidindon and Volailles Giannone. Our employees at all levels of the company are working together to implement innovative solutions .We offer a competitive salary and a comprehensive benefits package.

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