Ever-Cold Storage Ltd.

8368 Riverbend Court
Burnaby, BC V3N 5C9
(604) 526-7300
Company Information:
Established in 1989, EverCold Storage Ltd. is a 4.3 acre multi-temperature warehousing facility located at Burnaby, British Columbia. Our clients, range from small processors and food brokers to some of the largest distributors in the food service and retail food industry. Our technologically advanced facility is the largest public refrigerated warehouse in the Vancouver core area. Our services include General warehousing services, Container loading/unloading, Cross docking and Third party distribution. We also provide blast freezing and tempering, and our 4 blast freezers can freeze up to 340,000 lbs of product in 24 hours. Coolers range from -1 C to +2 C, and freezers operate between -18 C and -25 C. We have 24 shipping and receiving bays with power connections for refrigerated containers, cross docking services, and CFIA approved inspection facilities. We are a CFIA certified facility and USDA certified re-inspection facility. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with electronic access, intrusion security, sprinklered racking, computerized temperature control, and backup systems. We import and export meat and seafood worldwide, and can accommodate any CFIA approved countries. All of our employees are educated and trained in H.A.C.C.P principles of operation, and we support and clearly define those labor management practices. . Our dedication, reliability, and the customer-driven attitude of our team, have earned us the reputation of being an excellent service provider

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