Esther Price Candies Corp.

1709 Wayne Ave.
Dayton, OH 45410
(800) 782-0326
Company Information:
Esther Price’s chocolates are as distinctive as the gold box the products are packaged in. The company continues the tradition of old fashioned quality, using the same recipes that Esther Price perfected years ago.

Esther’s love for baking started when she learned how to make fudge in her home economics class. She loved making it so much that she ran home from school and asked her mother if she could make more. From that day on, her passion was making candy. As she grew up, Esther would take chocolates that she made to her co-workers at a department store in downtown Dayton, Ohio. After she started a family of her own in 1926, Esther’s same co-workers encouraged her to continue making the candy for them to buy. As word spread about her delicious candy, Esther began selling it to department stores and businesses. Today, Esther’s candy is recognized as one of the finest candy producing operations in the world.

Esther’s ingenuity, perseverance and loving care made her chocolates famous. Esther believed in using only the finest ingredients available in her candy and to this day, Esther Price candy is made only with the most premium ingredients to ensure freshness in every delicious bite. The Esther Price tradition of old-fashioned quality is ensured by making all chocolates at a single location on Wayne Avenue in Dayton, Ohio. Many chocolates are still made by hand, just like in Esther's day! Today, Esther Price Candies produces approximately one millio

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