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Estes Park Brewery, Inc.

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Estes Park Brewery is a microbrewery located in Estes Park, Colorado. The brewery got its start thanks to the collaboration of Gordon Knight’s High Country Brewery and Ed Grueff’s Event Center in Estes Park. The two decided to bring together their separate business and Estes Park Brewery was born. In 1995 they began bottling their beers in 12 oz. bottles helping to expand their business. In 2003 Tyler Lemirande and Eric Bratrud took over as owners and continue to make quality craft beers and expand the business. Their beers include the Longs Peak Raspberry Wheat, Stinger Wild Honey Wheat, Estes Park Gold, Staggering Elk Ale, Redrum Ale, Estes Park Porter, Renegade IPA and Samson Stout.  

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