Ellio's Pizza

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Ellios has been making frozen pizzas for kids for 40+ years. Ellios pizza was founded in 1963 in Great Neck, NY. The 9 slice rectangular shape was introduced in 1967. McCain Foods purchased the Ellios pizza brand & plant in 1988. Over the years, Ellios has learned a thing or two about kids and the pizza snacks they love. Toppings Kids love cheese and want even more of the best parts of the pizzaso Ellios pizza has end-to-end toppings! No crust like other adult pizzas. Ellios famous sauce Ellios sauce is different than other frozen pizza sauces - its milder. Its one of the things consumers tell us they love most about Ellios.

Moms Ellios pizza brings back great memories from when they were kids and ate Ellios pizza. Shape Ellios pizza is rectangular shaped the only kids pizza shaped this way! It fits so easily in the toaster oven kids can even make it themselves.

Fits level of hunger when really hungry, kids can eat the entire piece of pizza; when not so hungry, moms break it into slices ? each piece has three slices so kids can eat as little or as much as they like.

All in all, we at Ellios pizza are proud to be part of such a great pizza tradition. We hope you enjoy our web site as much as you do Ellios pizza.

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