Edwards Fine Foods

Company Information:
Edwards Baking Company, founded in 1950 by Tom Edwards, began as a small retail bakeshop in Atlanta. The Edwards family produced and delivered a variety of baked goods to local restaurants, schools and hospitals. Eventually, Edwards Baking Company became the leading supplier of baked goods to food service customers in metropolitan Atlanta.

In 1966, Mr. Edwards decided, due to the success of the pie line, to discontinue production of all other baked goods and concentrate on pies. Shortly thereafter, the first line of Edwards frozen pies was introduced to the food service industry; two years later, Edwards frozen pies were available in grocery stores.

Lemon Meringue was and still is the flagship product in the line of frozen pies. Never before had a sweetened condensed milk product been available in the marketplace. This key ingredient and homestyle recipe proved to differentiate Edwards pies from competitors in both taste and quality. The success of Lemon Meringue led Mr. Edwards to develop a complete line of sweetened condensed milk-based pies.

In 1979, the company reached another historic milestone with the introduction of a line of pie slices packaged in individual paperboard containers. This enabled consumers to purchase pre-sliced portions of their favorite pies. Today, this line is sold with two slices of pie in one package under the Singles banner.

Since the 1960s, Edwards Baking Company has continued to expand its distributio

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