East Side Beverage Co

1260 Grey Fox Road
Arden Hills, MN 55112
Company Information:
East Side Beverage Company began distributing beer in 1933 shortly after the 18th Amendment was repealed. The company took its name from its location - on the east side of northeast Minneapolis. Two brothers, Bill Farhet and Phil Resha, sold Grain Belt and other local beers from the back of a model "A" truck.

The business grew steadily. But, East Side Beverage really became a major area distributor when Miller Brewing Company appointed East Side Beverage its exclusive distributor in the Twin Cities area in 1976. Rapidly increasing sales of Lite, High Life and other Miller products required that East Side move to its present location at 1260 Grey Fox Road in Arden Hills in 1979. Its 185,000 square foot facility includes the largest beer keg cooler in the upper Midwest (20,000 square feet). The facility is temperature controlled and meets, or exceeds standards required to maintain high beer quality.

In the spring of 1985, J.J.Taylor Companies acquired East Side Beverage. The new management team also acquired the marketing challenges that faced the previous owners: extreme price sensitivity, declining sales trends and eroding market share. However, J.J. Taylor Companies overcame all three. Through steady investment in skilled manpower, modern equipment and acquisition, East Side Beverage became the dominant beer distributor in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

East Side Beverage achieved the number "1" position in the market in January 1989 and currently has a

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