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Diamond Foods was founded by a group of California walnut growers. Today, Diamond Foods is a snack food company with well-known brands including Kettle Brand® Chips, Emerald® snack nuts, Pop Secret® popcorn, and Diamond of California® nuts. Based out of San Francisco, California, Diamond Foods brands are distributed globally and are available to purchase where snack food items are sold.

Diamond foods strives to be the leading provider of snack foods and culinary nuts by building and energizing its successful brands, as well as identify opportunities to energize and add value by making a relevant connection to the present-day consumer.

Diamond Foods uses premium quality products that start with the fertile soil of California’s Central Valley and other nut-producing regions. The latest and environment-friendly farming practices are used by Diamond Foods growers. Once nuts are shaken from the trees in the fall, they make the short journey to the Diamond’s facility in Stockton, California where each nut is carefully selected, sorted and cleaned before making it into packaging. From cracking, shelling, chopping to polishing, these processes ensure that only high-quality products make it to the consumer.

Along with its Diamond facilities in Stockton, California, the company also has seasonal receiving facilities in Gridley, Linden and Visalia, California. Diamond Foods Kettle Brand potato chips are crafted in three facilities, including Salem, Oregon; Beloit, Wisconsin; and Norwich, U.K.

Diamond Foods employs approximately 1,700 year-round employees.

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