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Headquarted in Kansas City, Missouri, DFA is a dairy marketing cooperative owned by 25,000 dairy farmer producers in 45 states and has approximately 4,000 employees nationwide. DFA is a diversified U.S. manufacturer of value added dairy products, food components and ingredients. DFA operates 33 manufacturing plants that produce a wide range of dairy-based foods including: cheeses, shelf-stable beverages in cans and glass, whey products and dehydrated dairy products. DFA is an investor in 15 joint ventures with fresh milk processing companies that operate 63 plants in 31 states. DFA also has investments and business relationships with cheese and butter manufacturers and manufacturers of commercial cleaners, sanitizers and dairy related farm supplies.

DFA was founded in 1998 with the merger of four well-established major co-ops. DFA was created by milk producers who had a vision. Their vision was one of unity—of dairy farmers working together. Their common goal was to create a dairy marketing cooperative that would give dairy farmers control over their destiny in a rapidly changing global business environment. In 1998, the vision became a reality. When job opportunities become available, a posting procedure is followed. Positions that cannot be filled by qualified applicants from within the organization are then open for qualified candidates from outside sources. Typical openings are for Plant Managers, Accountants, Plant Production Supervisors, Field Reps, Administrative Assistants and Quality Assurance personnel.