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An email from a placed candidate to their new employer… “I have been on both sides of the recruiting equation on many occasions, and I must say that Scott is truly exceptional. I have never dealt with a recruiter who demonstrated such consistent professionalism, follow-up, and ongoing communication. He has gone well beyond my expectations in every step in this process. I know he said that he has been working with the company for quite some time, and I can see why. In a world rife with mediocre recruiters who only care about the numbers, Scott is a real gem who genuinely cares about people and the company. I just wanted you to know that from my side of the experience...” – Lynne, HR Manager

CSC is a nationally recognized executive search firm specializing in Food & Beverage manufacturing. We have developed long-term relationships with many professionals and some of the most reputable privately held and publicly traded companies in the industry.

Trust and effective communication are crucial to success. CSC’s client companies and candidates will tell you these are the foundations of our work.

Since 1995 we have focused on plant level and executive search. Our approach is needs-focused. We listen to your needs and then work to find the right solution.

Some of our Successes and Testimonials

  • Supplied talent nationwide as this privately held company quadrupled
  • Placed VP of Sales for multiple divisions, VP of Supply Chain, Division Controllers, Plant Managers, Director of R&D, and numerous others
  • Preferred vendor for a division of a Fortune 500 Food Manufacturer
  • Filled 40 positions in 40 months across the organizational chart
  • Staffed plant as it grew from 200 to 1300 employees
  • Filled Plant Manager, Director of HR, and many Managers and Supervisors

"Eight years ago we avoided the use of search we consider CSC an integral part of our employment process...other search firms are always second choice." – Ken, Vice Chairman of the Board

“I have worked with recruiters over the past 25 years and I can’t think of anyone that has a better understanding of their clients than Scott. He was great at walking me through detailed dynamics of the opportunity. He knew the organization as though he had been employed with them in the past. With that level of expertise I was able to focus more on my skill set and not have to be so concerned about guessing what the organizational dynamics or culture were like. Scott was absolutely great.” – T.K., SVP of Sales.

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