Corn Refiners Association

1701 Pennsylvania Avenue
Suite 950
Washington, DC 20006
(202) 331-1634
Company Information:
Based in Washington, D.C., the Corn Refiners Association is the national trade association representing the corn refining (wet milling) industry of the United States. The association, and its predecessors, have served this important segment of American agribusiness since 1913.

Through a series of operating committees of executives from corn refining firms, the association conducts programs of technical service, public relations, and government relations for the association membership. The association is a primary source of educational material on corn and products from corn for schools, government, journalists, agriculture, and agribusiness. Technical services of the association assist the membership in meeting government regulations, in developing quality systems for use by the industry and users of products from corn and in relations with other trade and professional groups.

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