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Presbyterian Hospital

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Since it was founded in 1909, the Nutrition Program has been a leader in integrating the findings of nutrition science, nutrition education, behavioral science and public health to develop strategies for promoting health through dietary change in individuals and communities.

The Nutrition Program is a personal and dynamic graduate program that emphasizes nutrition education and counseling, community involvement and understanding of food systems, while providing a solid grounding in nutrition science and clinical nutrition. Faculty are accessible and take an active interest in the education and career plans of our graduate students. By being part of the larger Department of Health and Behavior Studies and of Columbia University, the Nutrition Program offers access to a wide range of resources, both intellectual and technological.

The degrees available are:

* Master of Science

Nutrition and Education

Nutrition and Exercise

Nutrition and Public Health

* Master of Education

Community Nutrition Education

* Doctorate in Education

Community Nutrition Education

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