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Industry: Other
Address: 455 Wards Corner Rd, Loveland, OH 45140
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Cold Jet is the leading global provider of environmentally responsible cleaning, surface preparation and cooling solutions, solutions that are based upon our proprietary knowledge of the properties and application of recycled carbon dioxide in both liquid and solid form. Cold Jet has a global presence, delivering a consistent array of products and services through our own sales and marketing organization as well as in association with a network of business partners. We are highly regarded by our customers, employees, business partners and community for providing value, quality, and service. Cold Jet’s product line has been designed to provide our customers with definable, cost-based competitive advantages in cleaning and surface preparation applications as well as in the production of solid carbon dioxide. Our customers achieve these advantages through the application of Cold Jet’s advanced, proprietary dry ice technology. All products go through a complete process of design, prototype, bench test, and field test. Our customer service focus, in conjunction with leading, innovative product design, differentiates us. We strive to be first to market with advanced technology and we continue to invest heavily in product development. For more information about Cold Jet, please visit

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Cold Jet - Cincinnati, OH
Cold Jet is the world leader in developing innovative environmentally responsible cleaning solutions that help companies redu...
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