Claar Cellars

1001 Vintage Valley Parkway
Zillah, WA 98953
(509) 829-6810
Company Information:
Claar Cellars is our family owned Estate Winery. My parents, Audrienne and Russell Claar developed the first farm in 1950 and planted the first grapes in 1980. Bob and I were both Active Duty Naval Officers when in 1983, he retired and I transferred into the Naval Reserve. Since then we have developed over 300 acres into premium wine grapes,apples and asparagus.

Our 80 acres of vineyards are on south and southwest facing hillsides above the Columbia River. In this distinct microclimate, located within the White Bluffs growing region, we are endowed with an almost ideal combination of climate and soil. This region receives more heat than growing areas to the west of us and avoids the more frequent frosts and killer freezes to the east. Also our south facing hillsides allow cold air to drain in the spring and collect more heat during the growing season. Our sandy, rocky soil is especially conducive to growing quality grapes and researchers have frequently stated that this region is one of the best in the state of Washington.

After 13 years of selling our grapes to wineries throughout Washington, from New York to Mississippi to New Mexico, and of being told of their unique taste and quality from numerous Winemakers, we decided to take the steps necessary to become an Estate Winery.

With the 1997 crush we became an Estate Winery processing and bottling all of our grapes in our own 10,000 square foot facility and in 1999 we added a 4,000 square foot

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