Charcuterie La Fernandiere Inc.

2225 Boulevard Des Récollets
Trois-Rivieres, QC G8Z 3X6
(819) 374-6977
Company Information:
Founded in 1952 by Colbert and Fernand Fernand Pratte, Charcuterie La Fernandiere Inc. specializes in manufacturing variety of sausages. Our product line includes skewers, quick menus, meatloaf, cocktail sausages, European sausages, fresh sausages, sausages with casing and tournedos. Our company reputation was built by different values such as quality, team spirit, outstanding service, social involvement and participative management. Our company currently has about fifty employees and his growing. We use a systematic approach to identifying, locating, evaluating and controlling potential risks to food safety in our food chain. In 2006, we were awarded with the Radisson "Coup de Réal Proulx heart" award. We ranked first place in Quebec for being the producers of Italian sausage with major chains all over. We are the only company in Quebec to produce a full range of sausages completely with fixed weight.

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