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Camino Real Kitchens manufactures quality Mexican foods and is based in Los Angeles, California.  Camino Real Kitchens is known for the Tina's and Los Campanas brands of burritos.

Tina's burritos are available in a variety of flavors including beef & bean chimichangas; red hot beef burrito; bean and cheese burritos; bean and cheese with green chili burrito; beef and bean with green chili burrito; red hot beef flour taquitos; and beef &  bean flour taquitos.

The Los Campanas brand of products include Chicken & Cheese Burrito; Steak & Cheese Burrito; Steak & Jalapeno Burrito; Red Hot Beef Burrito; Taco Burrito; Beef & Bean Red Chili Burrito; Beef & Bean Green Chili Burrito; Beef & Bean Burrito; Bean & Cheese Burrito; and Chicken, Rice & Beans Burrito.