Bogdon Candy Co.

101 Erie Boulevard
Canajoharie, NY 13317
Company Information:
It is 1945...Elizabeth Taylor is winning hearts in National Velvet. The Egg and I tops the best seller list. The United Nations is organized and Christian Dior changes the fashion world forever with a few luxuriantly designed dresses.

And right in President Truman's home state of Missouri, Walter Bogdon is busy making his own candy history. His shop is in Kansas City. And one day that year, a customer calls to ask Walter to make something special for her wedding.

Walter says, "I'll do it!" Going into the back room of his shop, he sees the copper pots he uses to cook hard candies over open flames. And he sees a big vat of chocolate bubbling in the corner. He gets an idea. He wants this candy to be unique, memorable...and most of all, good-tasting. Why not combine two of his favorite flavors?

So, Walter Bogdon buys fresh ingredients, stirs up a batch of crisp hard candy and hand rolls it into thin, thin sticks. Holding each piece by its end, Walter dips the sticks almost full-length into that tempting vat of bittersweet chocolate. With that brilliantly simple recipe, the Bogdon's Reception StickĀ® is born.

Following in the long tradition of Bogdon's confections, Mint Double DipsĀ® were developed. Mint Double Dips are a spun sugar stick completely dipped in the luxurious taste of rich dark chocolate, drenched again, and wrapped in an elegant silver foil.

Today, Bogdon Candy Company remains a family-own

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