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Industry: Meat – White
Address: 4550 W Jackson Blvd, Chicago, IL 60624
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Bobak’s Sausage is a meat processing company based in Chicago, Illinois. The company was founded in 1967 as a family-run business.

Bobak’s products include Polish-style smokies, breakfast sausage, wieners, bacon, ham, headcheese, horseradish, and more. The company makes sausage for the Bobak’s brand name as well as private labels. Products are distributed to supermarkets and restaurants across the United States. Products are free of gluten, MSG, and trans fats.

Bobak’s Sausage has recently relocated to a large manufacturing facility in the West Garfield Park neighbourhood. The company also operates a retail store. 

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Bobak Sausage Company - Chicago, IL
Position: Maintenance Mechanic   The primary role of the maintenance mechanic is to conduct general maintenance an...
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Bobak Sausage Company - Chicago, IL
Food Labeling Specialist Employee Type: Full Time Location: 4551 W Adams St. Chicago, IL 60624 Job Type: Research an...
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