Berlin Natural Bakery

P.O. Box 3115126 South Market Street
Berlin, OH 44610
Company Information:
An old world past with a new world mission. Berlin Natural Bakery was established in 1986. Originally producing breads made from other varieties of wheat and spelt. Over the years we found spelt to be such a superior grain, that we discontinued our other line of wheat products altogehter. Today our bakery produces only products made with spelt. This proved to be beneficial in two ways. It completely eliminated any chance of cross contamination with "other wheat" varities and allowed us to focus our energy on the research and development of additional spelt products. This site contains a complete list of the products that we now have available

As our research continued, we also became true believers in the additional nutritional values of sprouted grains. Three of our products are now made with sprouted grains: Sprouted Spelt Bread, Sprouted Biblical Bread and our new Sprouted Biblical Breadsticks with herbs. Research is not my only source of knowledge regarding the value and importance of clean natural and nutritionally beneficial foods. There is no better teacher, then our own personal experiences with our health. After suffering through an illness and finding the cure to be balanced nutrition, clean & pure foods, and bringing balance into my life, took the knowledge I had gained over the years, from philosophy to fact.

We know that good health starts with good food…and that the best products must start with the best ingredients. We do our best to ensure th

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