Beer Institute

122 C Street N.W., Suite 350
Washington, DC 20001
Company Information:
Beer Institute was organized in 1986 to represent the industry before Congress, state legislatures and public forums across the country. It is committed to developing sound public policy that focuses on community involvement and personal responsibility.

As the recognized and authoritative source of information on aspects of the industry, Beer Institute focuses on these principles through its representation, information and service. Beer Institute assures a role for industry members in formulating public policy goals and works to implement our goals by providing representation before federal and state governmental bodies.

Today, the more than 1,600 breweries in the U.S. are responsible for billions of dollars that flow each year through channels of American trade and commerce. From agricultural products, can manufacturing, food processing, food stores and general retail, to wholesaling, construction and real estate, brewers, along with their wholesale and retail partners, directly or indirectly employ over 1.7 million Americans who earn over $54 billion in wages and benefits.

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