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Industry: Bakery, Dry Food Blends, Ingredients, Milling
Address: 6000 Denton Dr., Dallas, TX 75235
Website: http://www.bcwilliams.com/
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Founded by Ben C. Williams in the mid ‘30s, BCW Food Products provides people with a necessary product and a necessary service when it comes to the baking industry. B.C Williams Bakery Service uses sources from around the world to supply and distribute ingredients to the wholesale baking industry. They are headquartered in Texas with three facilities there and seven more throughout the United States. Some of the products they are able to provide include proteins, starches, seeds, emulsifiers and conditioners, blended oils and shortenings, pre-made cake mixes, dough mixes, pizza crust mixes, batters and beverages mixes.  

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BCW Food Products, Inc. - Dallas, TX
Reports directly to: Senior Quality Assurance Manager Minimum Qualifications: Must be a U.S. citizen or possess ...
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