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Bama Sea Products, Inc.

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Bama Sea Products is a seafood processing company based in St. Petersburg, Florida. The company was first founded as The Bama Shrimp Company by two shrimp boat captains in 1979. Bama is family-owned.

Bama Sea Products sources and imports seafood from around the world, including Ecuador, Peru, India, and Thailand. Bama specializes in shrimp, which can be breaded, fried, and butterflied. The company also imports Mahi-Mahi. The company’s products are sold under the brand names Bama Sea Products, Wild Seas, Bounty Bay Shrimp, and Certified Wild. 

In 2000, Bama expanded to its current 100,000 square foot processing facility, which has capabilities to process 20,000 pounds of seafood per day. Bama employs approximately 120 people. 

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