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Industry: Milling
Address: 1159 Cottonwood Lane, Suite 130, Irving, TX 75038
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Azteca Milling, L.P. is the largest and most experience producer of corn masa flour in the United States. Azteca Milling manufactures over 50 types of corn masa flour used in both traditional and non-traditional applications of the tortilla, snack, and bakery industries.

Some brands Azteca manufactures, distributes and markets include MASECA® and Masa-Mixta® corn masa flours, and it distributes and markets Selecta® wheat flour and Selecta® Tortilla Mix, another of GRUMA’s premier brands. Azteca Milling has an extensive client list which includes companies in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, as well as the Middle East.

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