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Industry: Bakery, Confections
Address: 49 S Macquesten Parkway, Mount Vernon, NY 10550
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Artuso Pastry is a specialty Italian bakery based in the Bronx, New York. The company was founded by Vincent Artuso, an immigrant from Calabria, in 1946, after purchasing a pastry shop where he had previously worked as a dishwasher. In the 1950’s and 60’s, the Artuso family opened additional locations in Mount Vernon and Westchester, NY.

Artuso Pastry products include traditional Italian desserts like cannoli, sfogliatelle, pasticciotti, biscotti, and tiramisu, as well as other treats like éclairs, French Napoleons, cookies, and cakes for special occasions.  Seasonal items include pizzas and Italian ice.

Today, Artuso Pastry remains a neighbourhood establishment of Arthur Avenue, an Italian community in the Bronx. 

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Artuso Pastry Foods Corp - Mt. Vernon, NY
If you are interested in the rare opportunity of being the Bookkeeper & HR Manager of a growing, well know, four generati...
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