Angelo Brocato Ice Cream and Confectionery Inc

214 N. Carrollton Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70119
Company Information:
A century ago, 12-year-old Angelo Brocato began an apprenticeship in one of Palermo, Italy's elegant ice cream parlors where he learned the special recipes for the world's finest desserts. It was the beginning of a saga that would eventually take him to America and the realization of a dream - the establishment of his own ice cream parlor.

As a young immigrant in a new land, Angelo worked for a short while on a sugar plantation, saving his money until he could open a tiny ice cream shop in New Orleans's French Quarter. Still not satisfied, Angelo worked even harder and, in 1905, opened Angelo Brocato's Ice Cream Parlor, a replica of Palermo's finest emporiums and one of the city's first sit-down parlors.

One hundred years later, the Italianice cream business is still run by his descendants and continues to bear the name, and the portrait, of its founder.

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