Anderson International

6200 Harvard Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44105-4896
(216) 641-1112
Company Information:
Mr. Valerius D. Anderson founded the V. D. Anderson Company in 1888, when he was 58. A true product of the Industrial Revolution, he invented a revolutionary new way to obtain oil and fats. His vision produced the continuous mechanical screw press that is still the working basis of all mechanical screw presses today.
In 1855, Mr. Anderson worked in a Milton, Wisconsin tin shop, repairing leaky roofs and fabricating hoops for the then-popular hoop skirts. He later moved to Kewanee, Illinois where he developed and patented an improved steam boiler, which led him to form a small company to manufacture and sell them. Later, Mr. Anderson was offered a better opportunity in Springfield, Ohio, where he operated the Mast-Foos Company, a boiler manufacturing company which became a part of International Harvester.
Mr. Anderson left the Mast-Foos Company in 1876. Four years later, in 1880, he relocated to Cleveland, Ohio where he invented a new rendering tank for local butchers. Sales of these tanks dropped when packinghouses started replacing butcher shops, causing Mr. Anderson to develop and manufacture fertilizer dryers. His first assembly operation was a "home" industry, located on West 54th Street. In 1888, Mr. Anderson founded the V.D. Anderson Company.
In 1893, encouraged by his prospering business, Mr. Anderson built a small manufacturing plant. He purchased a tract of land on West 96th street near Madison Avenue. It was the first manufacturing pl

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