Amoroso's Baking Co.

845 South 55th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19143
Company Information:
Since 1904, the Amoroso name has been a tradition of the highest quality hearth baked bread and rolls. Vincenzo Amoroso and his two sons, Salvatore and Joseph, produced 130 loaves of Italian Bread per hour from a carefully-guarded family recipe-one of the few possessions Vincenzo had brought with him from the old country. The Amoroso family's strict adherence to their time-honored recipe and their insistence on unwavering quality soon created such a demand for their remarkable bread, expansion seemed to be the only answer.

In 1914 the Amoroso's bakery was moved to Stevens Street in Camden, New Jersey and there it prospered until 1929. Though the Great Depression had struck, Amoroso's bread had become such a prized commodity, more capacity was needed and the family moved to new and expanded facilities on Haverford Avenue in Philadelphia. Already considered the finest Italian Bakery in the area, the Amoroso's reputation soon drew customers from the far reaches of the Delaware Valley and their Haverford Avenue Bakery was obsolete almost before the family had settled into their new quarters.

Today, Amoroso’s is still family owned and operated after more than 100 years and the company employs more than 400 associates.

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