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American Crystal Sugar Company products have been a part of America's food industry since 1899.  The Company is headquartered in Moorhead, Minnesota, but employs approximately 1,400 full-time employees : of which approximately 300 are salaried and 1,100 are hourly paid. In addition American Crystal Sugar employs about 900 hourly seasonal workers, with 400 in the sugarbeet harvesting process and approximately 500 in the sugarbeet processing areas. Also, the Company contracts with third party agencies for another 1,300 additional workers during harvest.

American Crystal Sugar Company is an agricultural cooperative corporation which is owned by over 2,800 sugarbeet growers in the Minnesota and North Dakota portions of the Red River Valley. Being cooperative means we're better able to control all aspects of sugar production and marketing from field to factory to customer. This gives us the best opportunity to remove all roadblocks that stand in the way of customer relationships and satisfaction.

The total authorized acres to be planted are allocated ratably to each preferred share held by the members. The Company processes sugarbeets from approximately 425,000 acres for the Red River Valley crop.  The Company subsidiary, Sidney Sugars Incorporated, owns and operates a Montanta based sugarbeet processing facility which processes non-member sugarbeets from approximately 30,000 acres.

American Crystal Sugar Company's goal is to not only be an aggressive sugar company, but to continue to be progressive in the sugar business.


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