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Industry: Meat – Red
Address: 382 Main Street, Harleysville , PA 19438
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ALL Holding Company’s foodservice division is a marketer and distributor of food products to the food service industry, which includes chain restaurants, colleges, the military, convenience stores, and more. The company is based in southeastern Pennsylvania and is a jointly owned subsidiary of food manufacturers Alderfer, Inc. and Leidy’s, Inc.

ALL Holding Company can provide over 1,300 varieties of fresh, frozen, prepared, and shelf-stable foods. The company specializes in providing processed beef, pork, and turkey products, including ribs, bacon, sausage, deli meats, ham, and scrapple. Products are available in branded, private label, bulk, and retail packaging options.

The company employs approximately 450 people between its two locations in Souderton and Harleysville, PA. ALL Holding Company’s facilities allow for customizable and versatile customer service. 

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ALL Holding Company - Souderton, PA
Job Title: Cut Floor Supervisor Reports to: Cut Floor Manager Since 1893, Leidy’s has been creating premium ...
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