Aliments Ed Foods Inc.

6200 Transcanada Highway
Pointe Claire, QC H9R 1B9
(514) 695-3333
Company Information:
Founded in 1951 by Mr. Herman Eiser, Aliments ED Foods caters to the food service and food processing market. We specialize in manufacturing dehydrated and concentrated products. Our products include dehydrated products such as Soup and Sauce Bases, Soup Mixes and Seasonings and concentrated stocks made from fresh ingredients such as meat, seafood and vegetable. The quality and consistency of our products accompanied by an unrivalled customer service are assets to our company. Located at Pointe-Claire (Quebec), Canada, our company plant is HACCP certified. We pride ourselves on using only top quality raw materials, and operate two facilities under the most extreme quality-control standards in the industry. Our customers reach across Canada, the United States, Japan and South America.

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