Alhambra Water

3280 East Foothill Boulevard
Pasadena, CA 91107
626 585-1000
Company Information:
Alhambra bottled water is the clear choice for high quality and great taste. Because Alhambra offers the convenience of home or office delivery, and its products are easily found on store shelves, bottled water drinkers have made Alhambra a favored brand whether they're at home, at work or enjoying leisure activities. Founded in 1902 in San Francisco, today the Alhambra brand is a category leader in Northern California.

Alhambra offers its customers a variety of pure, refreshing water types, including:

* Crystal-Fresh® Drinking Water, which has a clean, crisp taste that comes from a special, light mineral blend and is made using a special multi-step purification process.

* Crystal-Fresh Fluoridated Water, which offers the same great taste as Crystal-Fresh drinking water, with added fluoride to help prevent tooth decay.

* Purified or Distilled Drinking Water, which is the perfect choice for those who prefer mineral-free water.

* Spring Water, which is natural water, complete with nature's own mineral balance.

* Premium Ice, which is made with Crystal-Fresh drinking water and is not only great tasting, but also easy to store and keep fresh.

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