Advance Food Company

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Address: Advance Food Company • 301 W. Broadway • Enid, OK 73701
Phone: 1-888-723-8237


Founded in 1973 by Paul Allen and David McLaughlin, Advance Food Company started by providing hamburger patties and breaded beef to local grocers and restaurants in Oklahoma. Today, Advance Food Company operates nine manufacturing facilities in five states, a nationwide distribution network and sells internationally to Canada, Mexico, Germany, Japan and the Caribbean. Advance currently produces nearly 2200 center-of-the-plate products made from beef, pork, poultry, lamb and veal.

Advance is one of today’s leading manufacturers of portion-controlled products for the foodservice industry. The company had over $400 million in sales last year and operates a distribution network that encompasses all fifty states, Canada, Mexico, French Polynesia, Germany, Japan, Central America and the Caribbean.

Advance offers opportunities for rewarding careers in many fields including: accounting, computer programming, customer service, production, transportation, sales and marketing. A progressive, dynamic employer, with opportunities for advancement and a benefits package second to none, Advance welcomes those willing to take on the challenge of becoming an Advance Food Company employee.