Haven’t been lucky in your job search? Job hunting can be tough, and it isn’t hard to get discouraged with the process when you’ve sent out resumes, had interviews and still haven’t landed a job.

Here are some common reasons you might not be getting hired:

Your cover letter and resume don’t show value to the employer – If your cover letter and resume don’t communicate your suitability for a role, you’re not going to get a job interview. When working on your application, be sure to keep the information relevant and tailored to the specific job you’re applying for. Be specific and detail how you can bring value to the company, as well as what you’ve accomplished in past roles.

You’re making the wrong impression – You only have one time to make a first impression with a potential employer, and showing up late or dressing inappropriately can send off the wrong impression. You also don’t want to appear bored or arrogant in the interview, or ask about salary in your first meeting.

You’re not selling yourself enough – Although it might not be something you’re comfortable with, when you’re job hunting, it’s important to sell yourself. Remember to be confident and clearly convey your skills, knowledge and education to the hiring manager, as well as show them why you’re the right candidate for the vacant position.

You haven’t done your research – Employers look for candidates who have taken time to learn about the company they’re interviewing with. Not knowing easily accessible information, such as where the company headquarters are and who the CEO is can often be looked at as being uninterested or being lazy. Before you apply to a position, take the time to research the company online.

You have unrealistic salary expectations – We all have ideas on how much we would like to be paid, however, if your expectations are unrealistic or inflexible, employers are going to think twice about hiring you. You don’t want to be underpaid – do your research to find out the salary range that jobs in your area and people with your education and experience pay and go from there.

You have a bad attitude – You might think that you have a positive attitude, but if you’ve ever talked negatively about coworkers or previous employers, as well as your past work, employers might not look at it the same way. Employers are looking to hire team players with a positive attitude – something to remember the next time you have a job interview.

If you’ve been job hunting for a while and haven’t had any luck, take some time to ask yourself what you could be doing different. Looking for more job search tips? Visit our employment news and career planning resources. 

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