If your job search efforts aren’t getting you any job interviews, it might be time to reassess your resume. Does your resume include any of the following? It could be what’s stopping you from getting any calls.

Your qualifications don’t match the job description. One of the main reasons you aren’t getting invited to an interview is that the qualifications listed on your resume don’t match the qualifications listed in the job description.

Instead, try targeting your resume to each job you apply for. Although it will be more time consuming, tailoring your qualifications to match what the company is looking for will most likely up your chances at getting called in for an interview.

It doesn’t stand out. Hiring managers can get flooded with applicants in today’s job market, so you want to make sure your resume stands out above the rest. Don’t apply for a job with a generic resume that lists everything you know how to do.

Instead, list your career accomplishments that relate to the job you’re apply for. Rather than listing your duties in your previous roles, list your accomplishments, including metrics if possible – something employers want to see, as it shows them how you can help their company.

It leads with your education. Even if you’re a recent graduate, taking up prime real estate with your education experience could be hurting your job search.

Instead, let your experience take front and center on your resume, as that is what employers are most interested in.

Employment dates aren’t included. Not including your start and end dates of past employment can often create red flags to employers.

Instead, be sure to include dates on your resume. If you don’t remember the exact start and end dates of past employment, including the year you started and finished a job still shows employers how long you were employed in a specific role.

It includes irrelevant information. Surprisingly, some applicants include strange information on their resumes, including their relationships status, how they enjoy frequent travel, as well as other personal information that employers don’t need to know.

Instead, be sure to review your resume before sending in your application to make sure that all of the information is relevant to the industry and job applying for.

It contains spelling and grammar mistakes. You would be surprised at some of the spelling and grammar mistakes that employers find on resumes, including misspelling the company name and position being applied for.

Instead, have someone review your resume before applying for a job. It helps to have a fresh pair of eyes read it over to catch anything you might have missed.

If your resume contains any of the above, it’s time to make some changes that will highlight your accomplishments and potentially land you a job interview.

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