Having the right education and knowing the right skills and abilities for a job will most likely land you a job interview, but with the job market being a more competitive space than ever before, you’ll need to find other ways to distinguish yourself when interviewing for a job opening. We’ve put together five suggestions to help you stand out from other candidates:

Get to know your interviewer. If possible, find out who will be conducting the job interview, and try to find out as much as you can about them. Interviewers often like candidates that remind them of themselves, so trying to find some common interests, such as attending the same school or being part of the same professional association, may help you in the interview process. 

Find insider information. You’ve been told to research the organization you’re interviewing with, right? If you’re looking to really stand out in the interview process, find insider information that shows you went above and beyond visiting the company’s website. Between your personal networks, social networks and online resources, it isn’t hard to find out information on corporate culture that isn’t found on the company’s website. 

Pay attention to your nonverbal actions. You landed the job interview, so your cover letter and resume clearly impressed the hiring manager. Let your interaction with all staff you encounter with the company do the same – pay attention to your posture, eye contact, facial expressions and handshake, as well as your choice of clothing.

Provide unique answers. Hiring managers often ask all candidates they’re interviewing the same questions; providing unique responses can help you at the end of the day when they’re reviewing their notes. Separate yourself from the other candidates by providing some variety to common interview questions.

Be confident. Job interviews can make some of the most confident people nervous. Being confident from the moment you walk through the door can help you land the job – focus on the positives and be sure to leave the negative self-talk at home on the day of your interview.

Taking the time to prepare for your job interview and be conscious of your actions will help you present the entire package. Portray confidence without arrogance and provide unique responses to stand out from other candidates and land the job.


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