When you’re trying to keep your resume as concise as possible, you might forget about including valuable information that might help you land a job. If you’ve been on the job hunt for some time and haven’t had the results you’ve hoped for, consider adding the following to your resume:

Summary Statement

If you still have an objective statement on your resume, it’s time to remove it and replace it with a summary. Adding a summary to the top of your resume is a great place to highlight why you’re the right candidate for the job you’ve applied for. Use this prime real estate and provide a brief one to two sentences on what you can bring to the table.

Notable Achievements

Notable achievements, such as how you’ve distinguished yourself in your career can often help set you apart from other candidates. If you’ve received any industry awards, been a guest speaker at an event, or you’ve been featured in the media – don’t be afraid to highlight these accomplishments. Make room for your achievements on the first half of your resume so it doesn’t get overlooked, try right above your related work experience.  

Association Involvement

If you’re part of an association or industry related organization, find a place for it on your resume. Being involved in associations (especially if they’re related to your industry) shows potential employers that you’re engaged in your field. Not sure where to include this information? Try making room for it under your related work experienced.


Job seekers who have certification for a specific tool/program or skill can benefit from including the information on their resumes, especially if it’s related to the industry you work in or the job you’re applying to. Make room for any certifications you may have under your highlighted work experience.

Volunteer Experience and Community Participation

Whether you’re just starting your career or you’re a seasoned professional, if you’re an active volunteer and participate in your community, it shows potential employers that you’re well-rounded. If your volunteering and community involvement is directly related to the position you’re applying to include it with your related experience, if not, make room for it after any association participation and certifications.

Give your resume a close look to see if there’s anything you can add to it to help it stand out. After all, hiring managers and recruiters scan resumes all the time – you want to make sure yours grabs their attention and sets you apart from other candidates.   

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